Goan Style Stuffed Squids


500 gms medium size squids (not too big), cleaned with the tentacles and side fins chopped fine.
2 tpsp Rechaedo masala
1 tomato
1 green chilli
1/2 capsicum
handful of coriander leaves
salt to taste
white vinegar to marinate 

Wash and clean the squid and put vinegar and salt and keep aside.
Cut tentacles and sides fine.
Cut onion and chilli fine and fry.  Add finely chopped tomatoes.
Add finely chopped capsicum.
Add the fine tentacles and fins.
Add add reachade masala and stir well
Garnish the mix with chopped coriander
Cook for a while and keep aside.
Wash the squid and stuff with this mix.
Seal the mouth with toothpick and fry well.



    • Hi Sappy,

      Cleaning squids is not very difficult – the tricky part is making sure to remove the ink pouch from between the tentacles.
      So what you do is
      – separate the tentacle portion from the main body.
      – remove the plastic-like angular cartilage from inside the body cavity
      – hold the head portion and gently push out the ink pouch from the opening at the base of the head where the tentacles start
      – take care that the ink pouch does NOT break
      Your squids are cleaned and ready to go!

      Hope this was helpful. Happy cooking…


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