Kitchen Tips

Presenting some simple tips to make life in the kitchen easier………………..

  • Make cut crosses in the skin on either side of potatoes before boiling in the jacket makes peeling easier
  • Add a little salt to onions whilst frying for more even and faster browning
  • Make a line of water around the centre of a coconut before breaking. Will break perfectly
  • Add a little milk to eggs while beating for a smoother and fluffier texture
  • Add a few rice grains to the salt shaker to keep the salt from clumping
  • Apply a little lime to cut pieces of fruit like apple and pear to keep from becoming black
  • Spread paper at the bottom of the crisper in your refrigerator to absorb moisture and keep vegetables and fruits from spoiling
  • Keep half an onion in the refrigerator to get rid of stale smells
  • Store flour, rice and other grains with a few bay or neem leaves to prevent insects
  • To absorb extra salt in a gravy or soup, bring to a boil with half a potato or a ball of dough
  • To remove excess fat from a gravy or soup, refrigerate for about an hour. The fat will harden on the surface and can  be easily skimmed off.

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