Hot and Sweet Pork


250 grams pork belly (skinned and sliced thin with fat maintained)
4-5  dry red chilli
1 tsp aji-no-moto
10 cloves garlic (chopped fine)
1 inch ginger (chopped fine)
1 tsp red chilli powder
200 ml hot water
1 green capsicum (broad strips)
4-5 spring onions (diced, leaves cut into 1/2″ pcs)
Salt to taste

2 tablespoons dark soya sauce
2 tsp sugar
1 dash of cooking wine
white pepper powder to taste
salt to taste


Rub the meat slices with aji-no-moto and a little salt and leave covered for about 1/2 hour.
Heat oil in wok and saute dried chilli with ginger and garlic till aromatic.
As the garlic turns brown, add sliced pork and stir well. Fry till the fat begins to turn transparent.
Add sugar and dark soya sauce. Once pork is cooked on outer side, add the juices from  the slices and hot water gradually (ensure that water continues to boil) followed by salt and pepper and cooking wine.
Saute the capsicum, spring onions and leaves separately with a sprinkling of salt.
Be careful that the veggies retain their crunch.
Add the veggies to the pork mix.
Cook till the gravy thickens and coats the meat.



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