Cheesy Bread Rolls

10 bread slices (white or brown)
1 bowl of grated cheese / 2 cheese slices
1 tsp white pepper
Tomato ketchup
Italian seasoning



Trim the sides off the bread slices (one day old bread works best)
Flatten the bread with a rolling pin, like you would roll out rotis
Apply a thin layer of tomato ketchup.
Mix the pepper and grated cheese.
Spread a line of grated cheese in the centre of the rolled out bread slice. If using cheese slices, cut each slice into 5 strips and use one strip in the centre of each slice, and sprinkle with pepper.
Sprinkle with a little Italian seasoning.
Apply a little water to the bread edges with your fingertip and roll the slice like a spring roll.
Press on the edges – the water will help seal each roll tight.
Deep fry on medium heat till golden brown.

Enjoy warm with ketchup.



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