Traditional Goan Patoeo


300 gms boiled rice, soaked overnight

1 medium size fresh coconut, grated

A handful of chana dal, soaked overnight

100-150 gms dark palm jaggery depending on how sweet you like it

Juice of half a lime

12 Patoi leaves (haldi leaves)


Grind the rice to a fine paste.  Ensure that it is not granular.  Consistency should be like idli atta.

Boil the chana dal with little salt till soft but still firm.

Mix together coconut, jaggery and boiled chana dal.

Add the lime juice and mix well.

Gently wash and pat dry the leaves making sure nt to tear them.

Cut the leaves in half across the width with a kitchen scissor.

Take a small quantity of the rice paste and spread along the entire leaf.

Wetting the finger tips before dipping in the rice batter helps to  spread it out evenly. It needs to be a thin layer, but thick enough to hold the filling.

Put a spoonful of the filling  down the centre and fold the leaf.

Press gently press along the edges to seal the packet.

Steam them for 10-12 mins.

Cool and then open out the leaves.


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