Simple and Light Portuguese Serradurra



500ml whipping cream
About 15 tbsp condensed milk
3-4 drops of vanilla essence
8 Marie and 8 digestive biscuits
Chocolate shavings for Garnish
Powder fine the biscuits in the mixie
Whip the cream over an ice bath
As the cream is forming peaks add the condensed milk and vanilla and whip a little more.
Tightly pack the biscuit powder into the bottom of the container you would be setting the dessert in.
Spoon about 2 heaped tbsp of the cream mix over this.
Tap the container so that the mix flattens out. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings and Setting in individual servings works best for this dish.
This method is ideal for flatter setting dishes.
If using a taller dish to set in, alternate layers of the cream and biscuit powder, in which case you would need extra biscuit powder and need to put about 1 tbsp. cream mixture in between layers.
Super easy, super light and super duper yummy



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