Pasta in Spinach and Broccoli Sauce

500 gms pasta (i used farfalle)
1 bunch of spinach
3 green chillies
10 cloves of garlic
200 ml fresh cream
100 gms shredded cheese (optional)
150 gms broccoli
2 tbsp butter

Prepare the pasta el dente as per instructions on the packet.
Wash the spinach and dry out in a wide base pan with chopped chillies and garlic.
Break the broccoli into small florets and blanch.
Grind the broccoli in a blender to form a granular paste.
Remove the broccoli and grind the spinach  mix in the same jar to a fine paste.
Heat the butter and sautee the broccoli in this for 8 minutes.
Add in the spinach mix and sautee well so that the mix does not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Turn off heat and mix in the fresh cream and salt to taste.
Add the cheese, if using, at this stage.
Put the mix back on heat and simmer for some time till the vegetable mix is well blended with the cream.
Mix in the pasta till well coated with the sauce.

You may also add in sauteed vegetables if so desired.
Serve hot.

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