This is Me


Hi! I’m Belinda. I come from a huge family that loves food, and loves to feed.

A communications executive by profession, cooking has been my passion since I was very young. I started out by doing simple dishes like the traditional “potato bhaji” before moving on to the more intricate traditional ones and then experimenting with international cuisines. Over the years I have adapted many recipes to my own style of cooking, and developed many more of my own.

I have a simple philosophy in life. Nothing can go wrong with anything done with joy. And nothing gives me more joy than cooking – except of course spending time with my husband Mark who is my pillar of support and my son Mikhail who is the inspiration behind this blog. Mikhail, who is all of 10, also shares my passion for cooking.

This blog is my way of saying thanks to my mom and grandmom, who sowed in me the first seeds of this art, and to my ma-in-law who introduced me to a whole new world of tastes.

I hope you enjoy trying the dishes on these pages as much as I do. I would welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have.



  1. Hi
    Nice to hear from you. My hubby is also very foody. You have mentioned about joy for cooking. It’s true if you cook with joy you get more happiness as your family member will appreciate your interest & hard work.


  2. Congrats Belinda –) looking forward to many more receipes from you, my hubby is also very foody and i would love to try new dishes for my family.


  3. I would definitely agree with u that cooking does give one immense joy.. Specially when cooked for loved ones 🙂 I love experimenting with food too and would definitely try your recipes.
    Best wishes


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